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Gift Buddypress Addons

Gift Buddypress Addons is WordPress plugin that provides virtual gifts sending functionality to members.

This plugin gives BuddyPress members to send virtual gifts.

  • Admin can add/edit/delete gifts list.
  • BuddyPress Member can choose a gift from the gift box and send a gift along with a message to the selected recipient.
  • BuddyPress Recipient can view the received gifts and messages.
  • Autocomplete on user selection list
  • Display notification when the user received a gift.
  • Uses Ajax while sending a gift.
  • Elegant success/error notice after sending a gift.
  • Simple and responsive page layout
  • Label language translation support.


  • NOTE:¬†Changed database structure so you might lose your existing gift history.
  • NOTE:¬†Deactivate and reactivate plugin after upgrade.

You can download the plugin from

You can contact me for any plugin related query or customization.

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